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Native Instruments Traktor Kontrol S2 MKIII

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Native Instruments Traktor Kontrol S2 MK3

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  • Everything you need to mix your music in a setup you can carry anywhere
  • Use professional features like Mixer FX, Hotcues, and loop controls on a club-standard layout
  • An integrated high-end audio interface, USB power, and the full version of TRAKTOR PRO 3 included means you're ready to mix wherever you are
HOUSE-PARTY PORTABILITY MEETS CLUB-STANDARD LAYOUTWhether it’s bass-heavy breakdowns, steppy synths, or peak-time rewinds that define your style, the TRAKTOR KONTROL S2 has everything you need to make your mix happen. Craft sets on two decks and get creative with easy-to-use tools like looping, beat syncing, and club-grade effects.  PLAYLIST TO DANCEFLOOR IN NO TIMETurn the music you listen to into the sets you play, with a streamlined interface that makes blending tracks a breeze. Plug in, line up a few of your favorite tracks, and get mixing wherever you are. You can leave the beatmatching to TRAKTOR, so you have more time to pick tunes that fit the vibe, experiment with FX, use looping and remix decks, and to define your own sound. Whether you’re at a house party, a bar, or the club, you can create mixes made to make you move. EVERYTHING YOU NEED. WHERE YOU NEED IT. Get your mixes down super-quick: Line up your next track, find the cue point, cut the kick, and bring in some reverb before the drop. Easily access expressive effects and essential controls for chops, stops, and seamless transitions. Get the sound in your head through the speakers in seconds. SCRATCH. SPIN. SLIP. If your style is very hands-on, we’ve given you a lot of jog wheel to play with. Use it to beatmatch tracks – nudge the deck forward or back with the jog wheels to get a track in sync, use the touch-sensitive top-plate to find your starting position, or even spin it back for high-energy rewinds. Because they’re bigger, nudging, scratching, and scrolling is even easier. EDIT AND RE-EDIT WITH LOOPS AND SAMPLESTiming is everything, as they say. Jump to different parts of a track with cue points, depending on what the crowd needs. Because each is assigned to one of eight pads on each deck, you can play them like an instrument to seriously chop things up. Use loops for longer mixes or for more time to experiment. Everything will always be in sync with the beat, so you’ll never lose the groove. MAKE MIXER FX YOUR SECRET WEAPONYou’ve got the perfect playlist down, but it’s what goes on between your tracks that can make all the difference. Build exciting transitions with one-touch control of new Mixer FX on each channel. Open up a big reverb, a dubby delay, or a smooth filter to get your tracks popping during the mix. Choose from eight club-grade effects and three filters, and use up to four at a time with the dedicated Mixer FX control. TRAKTOR PRO 3 INCLUDEDStart spinning straight away on the full version of our flagship DJ software, as used on the world’s largest stages. Find intuitive professional tools that quickly help you define your style. FOUR DECKSMix tracks, live inputs, Remix decks, Stems, and loops on up to four decks to create a unique sound. TEMPO SYNCAutomatic beatgrids and beat matching keep everything in sync, giving you more time to get creative in your mix. CUEINGJump between breaks and drops, or mix in a track from exactly where you want. LOOPINGTrigger loops for extended mixes, track manipulation, and re-edits. FLUX MODEGet confident with chops, stops, and backspins without losing your position on a track. FX SUITEFrom sweeping filters to dubbed-out delays: build atmosphere with over 40 beat-synced effects in endless combinations. MIXER FXEasily create huge drops, dramatic buildups, and smooth transitions with dedicated one-knob FX. CUSTOMIZABLE LAYOUTSee only the tools you need for your own DJ style with a flexible user interface. MORE PADSThe perfect way to really ramp up your mixing, with eight RGB pads on each deck. Cut straight to a hook everybody knows by setting and triggering cue points, or punch in your own edits with samples on a Remix deck. BIGGER JOG WHEELSUpsized, touch-sensitive jog wheels let you cue, scratch, and nudge tracks much more accurately – not to mention perform bigger backspins. They also mean more fun getting hands-on with your music. NEW DESIGNA familiar club-standard layout, wherever you go. Browse tracks, adjust beatgrids, use effects and features like Flux Mode, directly on the TRAKTOR KONTROL S2. Everything you need for creative mixes at your fingertips. MIXER FXTurn up your track transitions with new Mixer FX: Cut bass with a filter instead of EQ for resonant kicks, or get hi-hats galloping with delay. A choice of eight effects and three filters ensures you always have the right tools to hand. STEMSThe Stems audio format splits tracks into four musical components, such as drums, bass, vocals, and melody, so you can mix them independently. Edit and re-edit in the heat of the moment, blend basslines and vocals from songs you know to create songs you didn’t. REMIX DECKSOne-shot samples and loops on remix decks blur the lines between DJ and live performance. Insert vocals, melodies, atmospheric effects, and more into a remix deck to trigger and manipulate them in sync with the rest of your mix. SOUNDS. COMSounds. com provides thousands of royalty-free hits and loops – from drums to synths, instruments, vocals, and more. Search for samples by BPM, genre, style, and key. Drag-and-drop them into remix decks to add a new dimension to your mix and expand its sonic palette.
Date tehnice: SYSTEM REQUIREMENTS macOS 10.12, 10.13, 10.14 (latest update), Intel Core i5, 4 GB RAM

 Windows 10 version 1803 or later (64 Bit), 4 GB RAM

Intel Core i5 or equivalent CPU

USB 2.0 or higher (cable included)

Graphics card which supports OpenGL 3.3 or higher

SUPPORTED AUDIO FORMATS44.1/48 kHz / 24-bit audio interface

MP3, WAV, AIFF, Audio-CD, FLAC, Ogg Vorbis, non-DRM AACGENERALUSB port, iOS port, 15V DCDIMENSIONS486mm / 265mm / 59mm
19.13" / 10.43" / 2.32"HARDWARE SPECIFICATIONSAUDIO INPUTS Channels:2Bit Resolution:24-bitSample Rate:44.1/48 kHz  MIC INPUT: (1/4" / 6.3 MM TRS) Full Scale Level:-30… -10dBU @ 1 kHzDNR (a-weighted)@ 1 kHz:89dBTHD+N @ 1KHz:

Controler MIDI Native Instruments Traktor Kontrol S2 MKIII: Traktor Kontrol S 2 MKIII, TraktorKontrolS2MKIII

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